Mill Lane School

Subject: Education

Gallery: Up to 1970

Catalogue ref: pa603

The 5th Year Group of pupils at Mill Lane Secondary School in 1958 – the photo actually taken in the courtyard of Hardwicke House which at that time was an annex of the main school. It was Mill Lane’s last year as a mixed school – those who did not leave that summer would have gone to separate schools in the Autumn Term.
Front row L to R: Terry Webb, Alan Cockedge, Arnold Daynton, Tim Watson, Bernard Moulton.
Middle row L to R: Jean Reader, Mary King, Hazell Willis-Betts, Teacher Peter Shepperson, Sonia Johnson, Gillian Hollocks, Lorna Walker.
Back row L to R: Kevin Hickford, Brenda Lloyd, Melvyn Bayliss, Margaret Seal, Derek Bigmore, David Everitt (back), Joyce Turkentine, Terry Bacon (back), Heather Smith, Brian Parker (back), Lorna Baines, Richard Fox, Pearl White.